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Martech Advisor | Leading Employees that Talk


Carol Lee Andersen, President, Questback, discusses, in our current age of Big Data, massive data sets from solicited employee feedback don’t set anyone apart. She adds that, organizations can, however, set themselves apart in how they act on it.

When I was at Oracle and SAS Institute in the 1990s and 2000s, the ability to gather and analyze massive data sets was the competitive advantage. Today, massive data sets are everywhere. In the world of Big Data, IoT and AI, businesses are collecting data on everything. Well, nearly everything.

As a tech leader, I have seen and taken part of these transformations created by technology and innovation. It has been a privilege to lead teams during periods of such drastic and quick changes. It has been an opportunity for leaders and organizations to steer the course of business and work. Yet among the transformations I have seen, there are two constants that have remained. And those are where businesses will need to go next to continue to compete, survive, and thrive in today’s environment.

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