The Chief Feedback Officer: Is This Role Right For Your Team?

Several years ago, big data was for big companies alone. These days, it’s transformed from an elite business measure to a basic and hygienic need. While businesses of all sizes now collect thousands of data points about people, we often miss the data directly from them. We miss collecting their insight, and in the cases that we do collect insight,we often fail to strategically act on it.

Survival in today’s business climate requires more than just data and action. It requires context and insight, strategic alignment and organizational purpose. Where the customers point out a pain, the root cause often goes unknown. Is it training? Employee retention and turnover issues? Leadership challenges? Employees provide a crucial insight to improve operations daily and in real terms. Data from people – employees and customers – creates the context and completes the picture for the hundreds of other data points we already collect. Therefore, smart companies are soliciting feedback from people to gain their insight.

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