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HR Technologist | Employee Engagement Evolves Around Analytics


Employee engagement is getting transformed as organizations evolve around analytics and people. This transformation is breaking down outdated notions, and making organizations embrace new technological trends that orient the employees to the strategic business objectives and goals.

At a recent HR People + Strategy's 2017 Annual Conference, Alexander Stephanou, former HR project consultant, RSA Insurance Group, said, "Employee engagement is probably one of the most used, or misused, soft data concepts in business. Employee engagement is fundamentally changing. It is transforming into an integrated measure of how businesses operate, offering human resource leaders a refreshingly new opportunity to secure the delivery of critical outcomes in close collaboration with business leaders."

Stephanou and Carol Lee Andersen, president, Questback, an enterprise feedback management company, anticipate that employee engagement will be transformed into an integrated and continuous measure, which will be used to check the alignment of employees to the strategic objectives and goals of the organizations This insight will allow organizations to quickly identify warning signs of failure and risk, and therefore help them avoid them.

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