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September 29, 2017

Carol Lee Andersen, President, Questback, discusses, in our current age of Big Data, massive data sets from solicited employee feedback don’t set anyone apart. She adds that, organizations can, however, set themselves apart in how they act on it.

When I was at Oracle a...

September 18, 2017

In times of great internal change, employees are your best resource for gauging progress. Carol Lee Andersen, President of Questback, explains why.

In today’s relentless news cycle, the scandals and changes of major businesses are public fodder. Think of Wells Fargo’s...

September 12, 2017

Uber. Enron. Eli Lilly. I could go on and on in listing companies who have nearly or actually fallen to their death thanks to the lack of active employee dialogue on the part of leadership.

More specifically, these companies are facing or have faced turmoil from whistle...

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